The Career Day event at our club is one of those traditions that continue to be meaningful to our youth. The day is part of the club's effort under the Vocational Service Avenue. This avenue focuses on the opportunity that Rotarians have to represent their professions as well as their efforts to promote vocational awareness and high ethical standards in business. Our club has concentrated on offering career guidance to high school students. Mike Keenoy spearheaded the program in the 1990s, Dan Moore and Frank Bloemke followed for a few years, and Frank Keightley has handled it most recently.

The Club has always promoted high ethical standards in the workplace, which has been a central theme of Rotary throughout its history. The values are expressed in the 4-Way Test and the "Declaration for Rotarians in Businesses and Professions."  In 2006-2007, the Club held a forum on ethics and the application of The Four-Way Test in business and professional life among its members. Beginning in the spring of 2007, the Club sponsored a Four-Way Test essay competition for Webster Groves High School students, and it has been held intermittently ever since.