Over the years, the Club has been blessed with several fine musicians making music an integral part of the program. It would not be the Holiday Season without the high school choir's annual visit in December. Hans Lemcke brought many of his musical friends to perform in solo and in groups. Many times Al Booth, choir director for the Presbyterian Church brought his soloists and a true love for fine music to the Club. Following Al, his son Lee continued the singing tradition of the club.

In addition to always singing Happy Birthday during the last meeting of each month in honor of the Rotarians having birthdays that month the club sings every chance it has. Excellent pianists, such as Harold Lumley, who has played since 1993, have served the club well. One song that has become the hit of the club is Smile, Sing Along by James O. Scott. This song leaves everyone smiling and enjoying unparalleled Rotary fellowship.

In the middle 1990s, the club started to be known as "The Friendly Club." The great fellowship and the grand disposition and humor of all Webster Groves Rotarians make our club one of the fun ones. A vivacious and spirited group of Rotarians welcomes guests and makes them feel at home. The feeling is genuine.