The Club has furnished three District Governors. They have been E.L. Detering (1964-65, District 6050), Don Shumate (1968-69, District 6050), and Alan Hoener (1978-79, District 6050). It seems unlikely that many clubs have had both a District Governor and a member of the Board of Rotary International serving in the same year, as in the case of Alan Hoener (DG) and E.L. Detering (RI Director) in 1978-79.

In the late 1990s the District was reorganized and named 6060. In 2000, a new District's Leadership Plan was enacted creating the position of Assistant District Governor. Guillermo (Guillo) Rodríguez became the first Rotarian from our club to serve in that capacity in the year 2001-02.

Faith Markus has served in that capacity for three years from 2008-10, and continued to serve at the District Council level on the Show Me Rotary Committee for three years from 2009-11. Faith is currently serving in a newly created position as Deputy District Governor as assistant to the District Governor Tim Cudd.

Previous to 2000, the Club had provided numerous District Governor Representatives such as Mike Keenoy, and Guillo Rodríguez among others. Jack LaBarge served as what was then called Associate District Governor from 1996 to 1998.

A number of Club members have presided over district committees as well. Steve LaBarge served as chairman of the Youth Exchange Committee for many years in the 1990s and early 2000s. Irene Kalnins began serving as chair of District 6060 Outbound Youth Exchange Students in 2002-03, and Rick Favaloro in 2006.